810 Acrylic Drip Tips

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0.20 Ounces

Product Overview

810 Drip Tips - Peg Hook Ready

These drip tips don't just look nice, they are nice! Each one individually packaged in its own resealable bag ready to hang in your store. With several variations available including Pressure Fit, O-Ringed, Ultem, and even Sparkles... We've got you covered. 

***Colors (if any) chosen at random.***


  • Individually Packaged (Peg Hook Ready)
  • Multiple Styles Available
    • Option 1 - 810 Glittery Acrylic - O-Ringed (Extra Set Included) 
    • Option 2 - 810 Stainless & Acrylic - O-Ringed (Extra Set Included)
    • Option 3 - 810 Pressure Fit Acrylic (No O-Rings)
    • Option 4 - 810 Pressure Fit Ultem (No O-Rings)


  • 1x Drip Tip in the configuration chosen


(No reviews yet) Write a Review